movies option are added to our serwer,
nov you can wach movies with your android or tab here
Welcome to LCV V 4.2,
This new software chat service has been extended to international countries and their languages??. for now in operation, only one multi categories ie Yugoslavian and world as others. If there is a need for additional expansion. we will accommodate users so that it is easier and more comfortable to use our service
internacional countries
internacional countries ,will be added soon, we're working on it, to be provided as soon as possible
Welcome to Anubis,
we have created a simple system of anti spam protection sex and porn content, the we have a team of moderators for the chat on the protection of basic human rights behavior on this service are clearly defined when registering
How to become a moderator?
Just a nice chat and we will call you if we need more moderators.
remember always be one mooderator im /out team.


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